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06 September 2008 @ 02:45 pm
Hey !! How are you ?


Hum...so just for myself...

New haircut today ^^ ! And no picture !!

My first class week was... bad. My time table is too weird =S !! I have to be at school at 8 to have an hour of Philo, and then, 3 hours without nothing to do, and then philo one more time !!

And my MP3 player's screen doesn't work anymore. Yes, just the screen. The MP3 works, but the screen is black.

And, as usual...

From S-T.net again !!Collapse )

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03 August 2008 @ 06:32 pm

I'm back from Holidays ^^ (until the 15th)

Japan Expo was great.
I want to see Mikaotchi again (I love you ♥)
Cosplaying with Megu' and Taku-chan was really funny. We had a lot of success ne~?
(But like last year I can't find any pictures of us u_u)

AciD FLavoR is a really good band in live, better than in studio (even if they are great too <3)
They played "Mirage" ♥ !!!

And another...surprising band...CATSUOMATICDEATH...they are great too !! I had never heard about them before, but it was a good surprise. I'll support them from now. And Yuka is so cute >w< even if my fav is YUZO (but ACEKAY is really funny too).

I have my BAC \o/ !! Not with very good marks because of the french, and sadly because of maths (I didn't have less than 14 or 16 during all the year, but this time I've just a 11 T^T), but the other marks are good so it's enough to have it !!

Hmmm...that's all.
The three following weeks were not interresting XD !!

A bit late but I like it to death:

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04 July 2008 @ 02:00 pm
From Shattered-Tranquility again. 

Tomorrow I'll see Mika-chan O_O !!
I can't waaaiiiiit >< !

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26 June 2008 @ 06:24 pm

~ ☆~ 

Next week, first Japan Expo Day (I won't be here)
And the, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th I'll see Mika (waifu <3) and I'll cosplay with Megu' and Fidjie.
I want it to never end >< !!!!

So, with this,


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18 June 2008 @ 02:06 pm
My eyes are burning ~(>_<。)
Seriously, they are totally dry !
It hurts >.<
I hope I'll be able to open them tomorrow when I'll wake up.

Maah~ , let's stop with this !

Recently I love Zill and Meguru more and more O_O !! Dunno why !
Zill is just so perfect in Moran >w<
I want to cosplay him !!!
But I want to continue cosplaying Tara-chan, during Japan Expo and after. (he is the best ever !)
And even if Zill's outfit is not too hard to sew, the fabric I have to use is just...too expensive u_u (And I have to buy Dr.Martens)

Japan Expo is soon, I want to meet Mikaotchi and Fidjie >w< !!!!
I hope we'll have a great time together !
I want to see Sooshi's NANA cosplay ><
I want to see my lovely Megu' in her Tsubasa cosplays (I hope you'll be able to finish the "Clear" one !)

Mikaotchi wrote me something (^w^)/
I'm totally addicted to it (^w^)/
I want to read next chapters >w<
But take your time Mika ! (^w^)/

I think I'll stop here~

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04 June 2008 @ 11:31 am
So, I think it's pretty interesting...

Shattered-tranquility posted something funny, as always (I LOVE this site <3).

So, let's do it !!

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31 May 2008 @ 04:10 pm
Wuhuh !! I'm back !!

Je sais pas trop quoi écrire(même si il s'est passé certains trucs)...


j'ai mes nouveaux cheveux <3
un nouvel ordi qui s'allume en même pas une minute (ça change des 15 de l'autre >.>)
et un nouveau MP3 lundi normalement (Hallelujah !).


J'écoute du Ghost avant de dormir...
Enfin moi, ça me fous les jetons, genre (pour "Nemurenai yoru wa genkaku shoujo toXXX")
c'est radical
même si il n'a surement pas l'intention de tuer la petite fille >_>...

Il me faut plus de Kazoku O_O et du AibeLL aussi >.< !!
Mashiro a un nouveau groupe <3 (Paradeis) !!!
Et malheureusement Tara est mort (internettement parlant je veux dire !).

Happy !
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08 May 2008 @ 03:22 pm


So, Mikaotchi has tagged me ^^ !

I finished my Panichan Takumi cosplay \(^w^)/
Without creepers, make up and a good hairstyle, and the skirt needs a some modifications, but...

 EDIT: Sorry, LJcut doesn't work u_u !!
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28 April 2008 @ 03:19 pm
Demain, je vais à Berlin \(^o^)/ jusqu'à dimanche prochain !!!!
J'ai trop hate d'y être >w< !!!!

~ ☆ ~

Dernièrement, je me drogue à coup de KuRt !!
Et dire qu'avant j'aimais pas u_u !!
Mais comment j'ai fait ??
Je suis fan de Saburo mais j'aimais pas KuRt .
Après on va me traiter de kikoolol !

~ ☆ ~

(KuRt - "Dorofune")

(KuRt - "Nicky Mouse")
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19 April 2008 @ 08:14 pm
Je change mon layout (alors s'il y a des couleurs bizarres et/ou moches dans les minutes ou les heures qui suivent c'est normal !!!!)


Et voilà le travail !! ça vous plait ??

Ouais je suis pas aussi douée que Mika en graphisme hein !! Mais je progresse !

Donc je vous présente (pour ceux qui connaitraient pas, on sait jamais) Meguru et Tara !!
Parce qu'ils le valent bien >w< !

Dites Au Revoir à Baby☆Star !
Where ?: bloup !
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